Students are selected to participate in the core activity groups based on aptitude, effort and commitment. Participation in core activity groups is voluntary but students are expected to commit to regular attendance. Participation in core activity groups would entail students spending extra hours of practice beyond regular school hours. The 'core' activity groups for non-sporting activities' are Robotics, Indian and Western music (both vocal and instrumental), Dance, Drama and Model United Nations.


Indian Music & Dance

The objective of the ‘Dance and Music Club’ is to create an exchange of different cultures related to dance across India. The aim is to learn different dances, understand the music of each kind of dance, appreciate every form and learn to choreograph our own pieces, using the required skills. 


Music Vocal & Instrumental 

Learning to play an instrument involves much more than the voice or fingers playing an instrument; it taps into multiple skill sets, teaches one to be organized, enhances perseverance and coordination as well as a host of other benefits.