The enrolment in Prabhat Academy implies on the part of pupils and parents, a willingness to comply with the regulations of the school. The Pupils are expected to


  • Attend school punctually.

  • Behave in a ladylike manner on all occasions. They should address all members of the staff with due respect and politeness.

  • Treat other pupils with kindness and maintain an attitude of uprightness and self-restraint.

  • Respond positively and take part in all school activities, even when such activities take place out of the usual school hours.

  • Whenever excursions & picnics are organized by the school, participation by students is expected.

  • Subscribe towards small school shows and charities, pay the requisite fees for all school excursions, out- reach programmes and extra / co-curricular activities.

  • Be responsible for their belongings. Books, bags, cardigans etc. should bear the name of the owner.

  • Maintain school property with care. Any defacement or damage must be remedied at the cost of the offender.

  • Not use unfair means during tests. Such improper conduct is unworthy of a Loreto student and can lead to severe penalties. Zero marks will be given in the subject in which the student has used unfair means.

  • No Retest will be given.

  • Private tuition for children from any member of the School Staff is strictly forbidden. If a child needs private tuition, the advice of the Principal is to be taken before help is given.


    Bringing polybags to school . School is a No Polybag Zone.

  • Bringing mobile phones, cameras and other electronic items without permission from the Principal / Coordinator after submitting a written application to the Principal. If confiscated, the phone will be returned to parents personally at the end of term. It will be done only after a letter of explanation and apology has been given to the Principal. No appeal will be entertained. Repeated offence will lead to suspension.

  • Buying any article or food from unauthorized vendors outside or near the school premises

  • Using hair colour or streaks. No fringes allowed.

  • Wearing mehndi, except with permission.

  • Lavish celebration of their birthday during school hours. Only sweets / toffees may be distributed. No bars of chocolate/cake is permitted.

  • Wearing coloured spectacle frames

  • Giving personal gifts to members of staff.

  • Wearing the school uniform in public places outside of school hours.

  • All correspondence regarding pupils should be neatly written and addressed to the Principal and sent in an envelope. Parents are not allowed to meet their children during school hours without permission of the Principal / Coordinators. Before meeting a teacher, please make an appointment by using the ‘Communication from parent to teacher’ page of the diary. Teachers or Co-ordinators to be met in the school lobby.

  • A student who is genuinely ill or recovering from illness should not be sent to school for test / examination. Medical certificates should be sent to the school.

  • The Principal has the right to suspend the attendance or require the withdrawal of any pupil whose conduct is injurious to the tone of the school or whose progress is not satisfactory.

  • Reports on general progress will be sent to Parents and should be returned to the school authorities promptly. The decision of the school authorities with regard to promotion is final.